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An invitation to You from
Christian Patriots USA

If you are fed up with an out of control federal government that ignores the Constitution, and politicians whose
loyalties are to party bosses instead of their constituents; If you are fed up with corruption, cronyism, nepotism
and incompetence in state and local governments; If you are discouraged by “third party” candidates that seem
to accomplish little other than to enhance the candidate’s resume, we invite you to join with us and other like-
minded patriots in a grass-roots organization dedicated to the return of our government to a constitutional
republic as envisioned by the Founding Fathers.

We are not a political party.  We are not a think-tank. We are not a single-issue activist group.  We do not
support third party candidates, recognizing that in our form of government, conservative third party candidates
invariably end up helping to elect the major party candidate most opposed to their principles by taking votes
away from their natural allies.  It is not by accident that for over two hundred years America has always
functioned with a two-party political system.  Multiple parties can only be effective in a parliamentary system
with apportioned representation. In the U.S. “winner-takes-all” system, more than two parties contending for the
same office is simply not practicable.

Our sole purpose is to help return the United States to a constitutional, republican form of government based
on the founding principles enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. From a practical
point of view, that means taking back the Republican Party first.  To accomplish that, we will be identifying
incumbent candidates that have demonstrated a disdain for the Constitution, or who simply follow the party line
in an ill advised obedience to party bosses that prevents them from working in the best interest of their state or
the country as a whole. We will work to defeat them in primary contests and replace them with candidates who
will honor the founding principles of limited government, limited taxation, respect for private property, and
individual liberty. Most important of all, we will attempt to identify and promote candidates who will defend the
Constitution -- particularly the "enumerated powers" doctrine and the Tenth Amendment.

If this makes sense to you, we invite you to join us in helping conservative Republicans take back their party
and curtail the advance of statism.  When you register as a member of the
Christian Patriots USA, your name
will be added to our e-mail list and you will be kept up to date on our activities, news and upcoming events.  
Because returning to a constitutional republic is of concern and in the interest of all Americans, it is not
necessary to be an Illinois resident to be a member of
Christian Patriots, USA.
The Illinois Conservative