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James Madison
Notes on Philadelphia Convention
May 14 - September 17, 1787
Complete text of Madison's notes on the Federal Convention
debates at the 1787 Convention in Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania. Edited slightly for easier readability.

On Common Defense & General Welfare
The Illinois Conservative
Illinois Conservative Blogs
Wisdom of The Founders
Alexander Hamilton, James Madison,
John Jay
Complete Text of Federalist Papers
Federalist 1 through Federalist 85
The Best of Past Commentary
Philosophy of Evil
Socialism in America

"The struggle of History is not
between the bourgeoisie and the
proletariat; it is between government
and the governed."

Jerry McDaniel
Covers the spread of socialism in America from its
founding in 1607 to present.
Learn about  experiments with socialism in the colonies,
the Utopian communes of the nineteenth century, the
Progressive Era, the Square Deal, the New Deal, and the
Great Society.
Discover new facts about America's struggle for
independence, the Philadelphia Convention, the rise of
political party power, the turmoil of the sixties and Barack
Obama's election to the presidency.
Philosophy of Evil
By Jerry McDaniel
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The Enemy Within
How the Humanist Coalition is destroying the American Culture
"Of all the dispositions
and habits which lead to
political prosperity,
religion and morality are
indispensable supports. In
vain would that man
claim the tribute of
patriotism, who should
labor to subvert these
great pillars of human
happiness, these firmest
props of the duties of men
and citizens." ~George
To the Christian mind, socialism or progressivism, as it is called in
America today, is the epitome of evil. However, to the socialist mind, it is
essence of morality and virtue. Most believers in Biblical Christianity
find it
difficult to comprehend how anyone could support a philosophy
that has resulted
in the enslavement, torture and murder of millions of
people, just during the past
century alone. In attempting to understand
the slavish devotion of millions of
people to the doctrines of socialism, it
is important to understand that socialism
is much more than a philosophy
of politics and economics. It is also a religion.
More specifically, it is a
division or sect of a religion. That religion is Humanism,
the established
religion of modern America and most other nations of the
Western world

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