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A Philosophy of Evil
Socialism In America
By Jerry McDaniel
Table of Contents
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CHAPTER 1:  A Philosophy of Evil
Socialism, Progressivism, Liberalism and American
Dictatorship of the Proletariat
The Socialist Agenda

CHAPTER 2:  American Exceptionalism
America's Genesis
The London Company, Socialism in the Jamestown

CHAPTER 3:  Colonial Expansion
The Plymouth Colony,  Pilgrim's Experiment With
New Amsterdam Colony (New York)
Massachusetts Bay Colony
Maryland, First Proprietary Colony
Pennsylvania Colony

CHAPTER 4:  Colonial Government
Dominion of New England

CHAPTER 5:  Seeds of Religious Liberty
Flight of the Pilgrims
Religion in Pre-Colonial Europe

CHAPTER 6:  Religion in the Colonies
Rhode Island
The Great Awakening

CHAPTER 7:  Storm Clouds of Discord                
Proclamation of 1763
Sugar Act of 1764
Currency Act
The Stamp Act
Declaratory Acts of 1766
The Townshend Acts
The Revenue Act of 1767
The Indemnity Act of 1767
The Commissioner of Customs Act of 1767
The Vice-Admiralty Court
The New York Restraining Act of 1767

CHAPTER 8:  The Boston Massacre
Boston Massacre
The Tea Act of 1773

CHAPTER 9:  Prelude to Revolution
Boston Tea Party
The Coercive Acts or "Intolerable Acts"
The Suffolk Resolve
Battles of Lexington and Concord
Siege of Boston

CHAPTER 10: An Expression of the American Mind
Declaration of Independence

CHAPTER 11:  Our Founding Principles
Unalienable Rights

CHAPTER 12:  The Federation
Shay's Rebellion
The Annapolis Convention

CHAPTER 13: The Philadelphia Convention
The Virginia Plan
The Hamilton Plan
The New Jersey Plan
The Slave Question

CHAPTER 14:  America's Sacred Texts
Providence and the Founding Documents

CHAPTER 15:  Constitution Fundamentals
Preamble to Constitution
Article I, Section 1, Legislative Powers
Article I, Section 2, House of Representatives

CHAPTER 16:  President of the Senate  
Senate Majority Leader      
E-mail address
CHAPTER 17:  Enumerated Powers of Congress
Powers Granted for the General Welfare
Powers Granted for the Common Defense

CHAPTER 18:  Enumerated Powers, Continued
Commerce Clause
Necessary and Proper Clause, "Elastic Clause"

CHAPTER 19:  Electoral College and Jurisdiction of Federal
Electoral College
Jurisdiction of Supreme Court

CHAPTER 20:  Amendment Process
Amendments vs. Conventions
Article VI, Supreme Law of the Land

CHAPTER 21: Bill of Rights
First Amendment  
Church and State

CHAPTER 22:  Rise of Political Parties       
Articles of Confederation
The Growth of Political Power

CHAPTER 23:  American Political Parties
The Federalists Party
The Democratic - Republican Party

CHAPTER 24:  Utopian Socialists
Communal Socialism
National Socialism

CHAPTER 25:  Rebirth of Political Parties
Jacksonian Democracy
The National Republican Party
The Whig Party
The Republican Party
The Civil War
Reconstruction and Radical Reconstruction

CHAPTER 26:  Birth of American Socialism
The Social Gospel
The Gilded Age
The People's (Populist) Party
The Progressive Era

CHAPTER 27: Democracy and Social Justice
Social Justice

CHAPTER 28:  The Spread of Socialism
The Square Deal
1912, The All-Progressive Election Year

CHAPTER 29:  Progressive Era Amendments
The Sixteenth Amendment
The Seventeenth Amendment
The Eighteenth Amendment
The Nineteenth Amendment

CHAPTER 30:  The Roaring Twenties
Coolidge Presidency
The Crash of 1929

CHAPTER 31:  The Roosevelt Years
The New Deal
The Communists
Socialists and Progressives
Conservative Coalition
The New Deal Agenda
The "Blue Eagle" Campaign

CHAPTER 32:  The Johnson Era
The Great Society
The Antiwar Movement

CHAPTER 33:  After the Cold War
Fall of Berlin Wall
Congressional Progressive Caucus
The Shadow Party
Barack Obama, Background
Obama's Political Career
U.S. Senate Campaign
Senator Obama

CHAPTER 34:  Conclusion, Lessons Learned
The Black Regiment
Controlling  Government
Constitutional Amendments
Third Parties
A Philosophy
of Evil
Socialism in America
"The struggle of History is not
between the bourgeoisie and the
proletariat; it is between government
and the governed."

Jerry McDaniel
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