Since the beginning of our Republic, those who covet political power have sought to circumvent the
limitations our Constitution imposes on their ambitions.  Would-be tyrants have attempted to use it to
support their own agendas by distorting the meaning of its few ambiguous clauses and ignoring the clear
intent of others.  It is arguable that the present generation of political leaders have misused and abused
the Constitution for their own ends more than any other generation in history.  This is only possible so
long as the American people remain ignorant of the Constitution's content and complacent concerning its

The mission of
Illinois Conservative is to encourage the return of our nation to a constitutional republic as
envisioned by the Founding Fathers and enshrined in the Constitution and the Declaration of
Independence; to hold our elected officials accountable for violations of their oath of office in ignoring the
requirements of the Constitution or in purposely violating its restrictions; and to help our fellow citizens
gain a deeper understanding of the importance of our founding principles in protecting their freedom and

We cooperate and support other organizations and groups engaged in the same endeavor.

These things we believe

Our Culture
A nation's government is an expression of the moral and social values of its culture. The traditional
American culture has its roots in the 169 year Colonial period and is built on the Judeo-Christian traditions
found in the Holy Bible brought to America by the Pilgrims and Puritans of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.
The principles embodied in these traditions form the basis for the laws governing America's civil society;
the most important ones can be found in the Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount.   

The Constitution
The Constitution contains a little over four thousand words.  Never before or since has a document of so
few words had such a profound, positive effect on the lives of so many people around the world.  It was
written at a unique time and place in history and could never be repeated.

The Constitution is the best and probably the only protector of our liberties against the ever-threatening
hand of tyranny.  For that reason, it behooves us to guard it jealously and protect it at all costs against its
enemies in or out of government.

The Constitution is a written contract between the citizens of America and the government, defining
specifically the responsibilities delegated to the national government and the powers it is allowed to
exercise in carrying out those responsibilities.  Like any contract, its terms cannot be changed without the
approval of all parties concerned.

The sole purpose of government, according to our American charter, the Declaration of Independence, is
to secure the blessings of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to ourselves and our posterity.  Since
the very existence of government pre-supposes the surrender of a certain amount of our liberties in
exchange for the advantages provided by government, that government should never be larger than what
is necessary to carry out those duties we have delegated to it.  Government should never be permitted to
do for us what we can and should do for ourselves.

A certain level of taxation is necessary to pay the expenses of government.  However, exorbitant taxation
is the cruelest form of tyranny.  The only legitimate and legal taxation by the federal government are those
necessary for carrying out the functions specified in Article One, Section Eight of the Constitution.  All
taxes for other purposes, or in excess of what is required, amounts to a form of tyranny since they deprive
citizens of the enjoyment of the profits of their labor in direct proportion to the extent to which those profits
are confiscated for use by the government.

States Rights
The term “state’s rights” is a misnomer.  States do not have rights.  Citizens have rights, states have
sovereignty.  The states’ sovereignty is recognized and protected from encroachment by the federal
government by the Tenth Amendment.  

State sovereignty was valued by our founders as being more sensitive to the needs of the people and less
subject to the temptations of tyranny.  State and local government are more easily monitored and
influenced by individual citizens. We, as citizens, should be ever vigilant in resisting continuing efforts by
Washington to supplant the sovereignty of the states.  At the same time we should be forever on guard
against abuses of power by state and local officials.
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